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My Pierre day

Kripke’s Pierre is a puzzle to philosophers, since he believes ‛London is ugly’ and ‛Londres est jolie.’

Well, I don’t have this kind of problem with London or some other place (at least I hope that), but today I had a similar problem concerning kinds of fishes.

Recently I saw on Netflix a documentary about over-fishing in the seas. I learned that we are evaporating cod from the surface of the world, and I began to believe that cod is a bad choice for a meal. But yesterday I went to Carrefour looking for some fish to cook, and I bought a piece of ‛bacalhau,’ because I used to believe until almost now that ‛bacalhau’ is a good choice for a meal. Alas, ‛bacalhau’ is the Brazilian word for cod. Now I believe that I made a really bad choice. And I also believe that it would be better if there was no over-fished kinds of fish on the markets.  

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